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These top 10 destinations in Uganda are the top ranked national Parks and are the busiest and most visited national parks that you should look forward to incase you are planning for a safari in Uganda because of their unique significances. These are among the most love destinations in Africa. 5-KIDEPO VALLEY NATIONAL PARK Kidepo […]

Top 10 destinations in Uganda; Part one

When it comes to top 10 destinations, Uganda is blessed with a lot of attractions and that’s why it’s named the pearl of Africa. It’s one country that will amaze you because of its natural attractions in form of National parks, Mountains, Lakes, Rivers, Forests, to mentioned but a few. But let’s concentrate on the […]

Halal-friendly safaris and Trips in Uganda

Looking for the best safaris experience in East Africa?

Alps Trendy Safaris is a tour and travel company based in Uganda. We organize memorable and best Uganda and Rwanda safari packages of all ranges starting from budget to midrange and luxury safaris. We organize world class safari packages based on attractions but also consider our clients’ interests and preferences. Therefore if you are looking […]

21 Days Uganda safari

Uganda Wildlife Safaris and Tours

Uganda wildlife safaris are the activities you can have in in this beautiful country located in East Africa. It is known for its stunning wildlife, lush national parks, and vibrant culture. Going on a Uganda Safari Tour is a great way to experience all that this country has to offer. In Uganda wildlife safaris, you […]

Rwanda Gorilla Safaris and Tours

Rwanda is known for its mountain gorilla trekking experiences, and there are several tour companies that offer gorilla safaris and tours. However, as advisable you need experienced tour operators like out team which can help you explore with our professional guides with right information. We are locally owned tour company that specializes in organizing gorilla […]

elephants in murchison falls national park

Advantages of Early Safari booking

Advantages of early Safari booking What are the advantages of booking a trip early? This is a common question from travelers and also asking about the advantages of travelling. ‘Traveling leaves you speechless and then turns you into a story teller’, Ibn Battuta observed and most people agree with this. Therefore whether for a shot […]

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