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Many people planning to have Africa Safari ask a question about the appropriate number of days for a good safari. What is to be noted is that the number of days for Africa safari is determined by many factors such as; such as budget, taste and preference and the number of days you have free.

Budget; The amount of money you have set aside to spend on a safari plays a big role when deciding on how many days you should spend on a safari. The longer the safari, the more the expenditure and vice versa.
Another factor that determines number of days for a good Africa safari is your tastes and preferences. If you are interested on only tracking out the primates, then you are likely to have a few days on a safari and in situations where you are interested in primates and then game drives to see the Big 5 or you want to do primates and then go to another national park for a boat safari, your days will increase for you will be visiting more than one national park.
The third factor is the number of days you plan to spend on your vacation. For example if your vacation is for only one week, then your safari should be less than a week so that you have time to travel back to your country for your other plans. And if you already planned of spending like two weeks on a safari, then you should not be told to spend only a week. number of days for africa safari
The least number of days we recommend is 3 days. For gorilla trekking by flight, three days can be enough. The first day will be for your arrival at the airport and flight transfer to Kihihi airstrip, then to your lodge. The second day will be for gorilla trekking and cultural experience and then the last day will be for your transfer back to Entebbe airport for your outbound flight.
In case you want to track primates like mountain gorillas or Chimpanzees and then do a game drive or a boat trip in Murchison falls national park or Lake Mburo national park, we recommend you to spend minimum of 5 days. But if you fully want to explore two national parks, then you should spend at least 7 days. This will enable you track the primates and sight big five or other big mammals and cats in Africa wilderness.
To those who are having along vacation, Uganda has attractions that you might not e able to explore them all even in a month. So you can decide to have a two weeks safari in Uganda, you can decide to have a full month on a safari in Uganda, or you could choose to visit both Uganda and Rwanda. You can send us an email on info@alpstrendysafaris.com for your preferred package.
For those interested in combining two countries, the minimum number of days we recommend is 7days. You can spend 3 days tracking out primates in Rwanda and then come to Uganda for game drives, Mountain hiking, waterfalls hiking, boat trips, horseback riding and many other amazing experiences. But for better adventure on combined safari, you should spend around 10days. So that you give Rwanda 4days and spend you 6 days in Uganda since it has many attractions and activities.
For those who are interested in tracking out the chimpanzees abut don’t want to go to the wildness, you won’t have time to go to the national park, we have a 2days package tracking chimpanzees from Ngamba island sanctuary where about 49 chimpanzees are preserved and most of these are orphans that were rescued from poachers. Actually on 4 of them is born form the sanctuary. The rest were rescued and brought there. 2 days chimpanzee trekking Ngamba Island is the shortest safari that we recommend for you since it does not necessitate you to go far away from Kampala. You actually remain in Entebbe since the sanctuary is located at the shores of Lake Victoria.
Therefore, the ball is in your hands to choose how many days to spend on a safari after we have told you our own view and advice on what to consider before coming for a safari in Uganda or Rwanda.
You can send us an email on info@alpstrendysafaris.com for your preferred package.

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