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Gorilla trekking safari

Gorilla Trekking Safaris is vital for Tourism and Environmental Conservation. I work at Alps Trendy Safaris and.
Tourism and environmental conservation are inseparable. For example all the national parks in Uganda are earning from tourists and this money goes directly or indirectly to the locals around these parks. More resources go back to the wildlife especially where they are conserved like Uganda wildlife Education Center (UWEC) or Ngamba Island where rescued Chimpanzees are kept. The survival of these animals depends on the number of tourists who come to see these animals. That is where they get food from. Therefore my dream is to see these places being flocked by many tourists so that these animals can survive.
Currently, there is a government program where the local people around the national parks are given a certain percentage of the funds collected from tourists who visit these areas such as around Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park where tourists go to track mountain gorillas. The local community has also learnt the value of wildlife and nature conservation and how they can live in harmony with these primates. They can earn from tourists like supplying foods to the lodges and even direct employments. This has boosted the economic activities in these areas.
Uganda has great attractions that are found nowhere else in the world. Some countries are known for the big Five. Uganda has Big Five+ Two+Two. That is, Big Five (Buffalo, Rhino Elephant, Leopard and Lion), Big Two (Mountain Gorilla and Chimpanzee), and more Big Two (Lake Victoria and Source of River Nile). Yes the longest river in the world starts from Uganda. This is what I want the world to know.
Snow at the Equator; Mount Rwenzori is a block of mountains with the highest point Margarita peak on mount Stanley, 5109 Meters above Sea Level (Second highest in Africa). It is crossed by the equator and permanently snowcapped. Nowhere else in the world you can find snow at the equator.
World longest River (Nile) has its source in Uganda. Yes River Nile starts from Uganda and it is a permanent river.
Uganda is a home to 54% of the Mountain Gorillas, mostly in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. Therefore Uganda is a top destination for gorilla tracking in the world.
Each and every national park in Uganda is unique in its own and cannot be all explained here. Therefore my dream is to bring these and more to the world. The world must know and visit this amazing country.
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