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Dear every one especially travelers, my name is Tarasis from Uganda and in case you have been wondering about the natural attractions to visit, we have some data for you. I have 10 points/Facts that I would like to share with you about Uganda. I hope that you will Love it. They are 10 natural attractions that Uganda as a country is proud to have.

Fact 1

Of around 1000 Gorillas in the world, Uganda is a home to 54% of this world’s remaining mountain gorillas. The other 46% is shared by Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. In Uganda, these gorillas are found in Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park. This park is the easiest place to track these gorillas because it is not as mountainous as other tracking places.

There is only one gorilla family which is found in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. All the rest of the gorilla families are in this amazing forest. Mountain gorillas are the largest primate and live in families with strong bond between members. Spending one hour with these amazing primates is the precious moment you can ever give to yourself or your loved ones in their natural habitats.


Uganda is a home to the big9. These are the Big 5+2+2, Buffalo, Rhino, Elephant, Leopard and Lion (big five), Chimpanzee and Mountain Gorilla (big two) and Lake Victoria and Source of River Nile. These nine attractions are unique on their way and make Uganda unique. For Example River Nile which is the longest river in the world starts from Uganda. Everyone should visit this point and experience the magic of this river as it parts ways with Lake Victoria.


Uganda is crossed by the equator and due to its elevation, temperatures are averagely at 28°C throughout the year and this is probably the best weather in the world. It is also the only country where you can find snow especially on mount Rwenzori at Margarita peak which is permanent snow caped yet crossed by the equator.


Kibale National Park is the world’s capital of the primates and is found in Uganda. Chimpanzees are the dominant primates there. It has the highest concentration of primates in the world. Chimpanzee trekking is therefore best done in this amazing park which is in Uganda. Chimpanzees share 99.9% if their DNA with humans and this makes them our closest relatives.


The world longest River-Nile has its source in Uganda. On this same river is found Murchison Falls which is the world’s most powerful waterfalls. This stunning view can be found in Murchison falls national park which is the oldest and the largest national park in Uganda.


Uganda has more inland waters than any other country in Africa. This is due to many lakes and rivers in the country. This and the elevation is the reason why Uganda has the best weather in the world of averagely 28°C throughout the year.


Rwenzori Mountain ranges in Uganda is the Africa’s highest block of mountains. It is crossed by the equator but with permanent snow on higher peaks including Margarita peak which is 5,109 Meters above Sea level. In other words, it is higher than the Alps Mountains of Europe.


Geographically located in the tropics, Uganda is known to have the sweetest fruits in the world. For example the sweetest pineapples are found in Uganda and whoever has tasted it can tell.


Best opportunity for white water rafting is in Uganda. This is because River Nile which offers this opportunity is a permanent river and has never reduced water levels. This means that rafting can take place throughout the year. You cannot easily get this anywhere else in the world.


With 52 tribes and more in Uganda, this is the most diverse country you can ever find. That means that you can easily meet people of different tribes in any small group of the people you meet.

I am passionate about this country and I work in tour and travel industry at https://www.alpstrendysafaris.com located in Uganda and you can find my videos at wildwonders I hope that this can inspire most of you to think about visiting this amazing country. In case you are inspired by this and you come to our inbox to book a safari/trip with us, you tell us that you got us from the story and you will get a discount for your trip.

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