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Helicopter safari Uganda

Helicopter safari Uganda

Many people see this expression Helicopter safari Uganda but they do not really understand it. Here is an explanation that can help you get it.

Many national parks and game reserves in Uganda can be accesses by plane. Clients who don’t like long hour travels by roads tend to use domestic flights to access these national parks. This kind of chatter is what has been referred to as helicopter safari. Do not be surprised when you come on a helicopter safari and you do not use any helicopter on your trip. Literally we are talking about local or domestic flights to your destination.

Local flights and air fields in Uganda’s national parks

You can have a hustle free safari by simply connecting flights to different national parks. Most of the domestic flights in Uganda start from Entebbe international airport or Kajansi air field which is about 20 km apart and both are just near Kampala which is the capital city of Uganda.

There are some air fields that you can use when you come for a fly in r helicopter safari in Uganda and you should note that these domestic flights are scheduled.

Queen Elizabeth national park is via Mweya air strip, Ishaha air strip or Kasese air field.

Bwindi impenetrable national park can be accessed from Kihihi or Kisoro air fields. This can also connect to Mgahinga gorilla national park.

Murchison falls national park is also via Pakuba air field, Chobe air field, Bugungu air strip or Masindi air field which is close to the national park.

One can access Kidepo Valley national park via  Kidepo air field, Apoka air strip and Lomeja air field.

You can also use  Nyakisharara or Mbarara air field and together with Kasese air field also serve Kibale national park.

Semuliki air field serves Semuliki national park and Semuliki wild reserve and can also be used to access Kibale national park.

Uganda’s scheduled domestic flights are chattered by aviation companies like; Aero link, Eagle air and Bar aviation.

You can inquire about local flights from out consultant at  info@alpstrendysafaris.com

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