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Rwenzori marathon 2024

Rwenzori marathon in Uganda 2024 also known as Tusker lite Rwenzori

Rwenzori marathon 2024 also known as Tusker lite Rwenzori marathon is an annual running event that take place in Kasese district at the foot of Mount Rwenzori. Rwenzori Mountains are also known as the mountains of the moon with the highest peak called Margherita at 5109 Meters ASL. Tusker lite Rwenzori marathon is an event that want to bring awareness to its amazing scenery and wild beauty to the world.

This marathon is a running event that celebrates the beauty and majesty of the Rwenzori Mountains and showcase the beauty of Uganda. As always emphasized whether you are a professional athlete or a running enthusiast, there is a spot for you at the Tusker Lite Rwenzori Marathon in Kasese, Uganda this year 2024.

Tusker lite Mount Rwenzori marathon 2024 announced the certification by World Athletics Foundation (WAF) and this is the sign of the commitment by the organizers to make it a world class marathon that will put Uganda on the international stage.

Participation in the Rwenzori marathon

Are you ready for the Tusker Lite Rwenzori Marathon 2024? Any person can participate in either full marathon (42km) or half marathon (21km) as long as you are an adult of 18 years of age and above. Those under age can participate in family run of 5km and must be accompanied by adult at all times. There will be a presence of Uganda traffic police and other run officials to make sure that there is a smooth exercise.

What to know about the Rwenzori mountains

The Rwenzori is a range of mountains found in Rwenzori region. It offers unique flora and fauna, stunning landscapes, and incomparable adventure opportunities that can hardly be found anywhere else in the world. Margherita peak rises above the clouds to the crystal clear glacial lakes and dense forests that dot the landscape. Rwenzori Mountains are truly a natural wonder and that is why they are listed in the UNESCO world heritage sites.

Options to explore the Rwenzori Mountains 

There are many adventure activities to do the Rwenzori national park and the surrounding areas. The most common activity is mountain hiking and the ascending can last between 6 to 9 days depending on the route. Every travelers can enjoy the beauty of the Rwenzori Mountains in the western Uganda.

Rwenzori marathon has majorly four principles; Increasing tourism, conservation, health living and benefiting the local communities. You can visit Alps Trendy Safaris consultant to get the best options for your next trip.


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