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Asked questions about Africa and Africa Safari

Questions about Africa

These are the common and frequently asked questions about Africa Safari and Africa as a continent. We shall give you brief answers and you can ask our Travel consultants to get detailed answers or visit our website at Alps Trendy Safaris to check our different packages that can fit you needs.
Is Africa a country or continent?
Africa is a continent composed of 54 countries. Africa is the second largest continent to Asia. That means it is larger than Europe, North America and South America too. Kruger national park is the largest in the world and is found in Africa. We shall try to answer the most asked questions about Africa bellow.
Is Africa safe for travelers? Or How safe is to travel to Africa?
Most of the countries in Africa are safe for tourist and you can visit anytime of the year. There is no winter in most parts of Africa and thus any time of the year you can visit it. Africa has fewer cases of gun violence compared to other continents.
What currency is used in Africa?
There are different currencies used in Africa. Each of the 54 countries has its own currency though some countries like West Africa share their currency called FCFA or Francs. However, you should note that you can exchange US Dollars in any part of the continent. You can also easily exchange other currencies like euros and UK pounds.
What languages are spoken in Africa?
Various languages are spoken in Africa such as Kiswahili in East and central Africa, Hausa in West Africa, Arabic in North Africa, Zulu and Afrikaans in South Africa among others. However, you can also easily communicate in English and French or Arabic which are official languages in most of African countries. In most of sub-Saharan countries, when the locals see a foreigner especially nonblack, they will switch to English or French.
How much money should I carry on a safari to Africa?
As one of the most asked questions about Africa, Africa safari will always depend on your budget. There are luxury services in Africa such as hotels just as they are in Europe and Americas. For example, you can get a room at $6500 in Rwanda or $10 in Uganda or any other destination. Therefore you can carry as much as you want or as less as you can survive on a budget. You can come for a luxury safari in Maasai Mara of $20,000 or for a budget safari in Murchison falls at a cost of $500. There is no limit ro specific measure of how much you need on a safari in Africa.
Which African country is the safest for my travels?
Almost all African countries are safe for travelers. Most people choose destinations depending on their interests. For example, you can visit Botswana, Namibia Tanzania or Kenya for Big Five trips. You can also visit Uganda or Rwanda for Primate Safari like Gorilla or Chimpanzee trekking. All these are safe destinations. The foreign media will always portray Africa as a continent full of violence but trust me those who have visited Africa can tell that it has friendly people and is peaceful.
What should I wear on Africa Safari?
Depends on the season and destination, safari attires can change, for example you need trekking boots for gorilla safari in Uganda or Rwanda or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. You can have a casual wear for big five safari in Kenya. You can carry a jacket or warm clothes with the advice from your travel consultants.
What should I carry on Africa Safari?
The most important one is carrying your gadgets such as binoculars and camera. These are essential for wildlife safaris. You can also consider other essentials like your emergency medicines and lotions among others. Seek advice from your travel consultant so that you get exactly what you need.
How safe is water and food in Africa?
You can find safe drinking water in Africa just like in any other country. You can buy water from any selling points. There are famous restaurants and fast foods including KFC and more others. This is especially in cities. You can also order for the food you want like English breakfast when you are in national parks. Most of African countries have plenty of foods and fruits which are organic. For example Uganda is known to have the sweetest pineapples in the whole world. A safari in Uganda is incomplete if you do not eat a pineapple.
Are there mosquitoes in Africa? Should I carry repellants?
Yes there are mosquitoes in most of African tropical countries and if you don’t take caution you can easily catch malaria. That is why you are advisable to sleep under mosquito nets. All the lodges and accommodations will make sure that you have a mosquito net for free. You can also carry repellants just to protect yourself from bites.
What is the best destination to see the big five in Africa?
There are many destinations and countries you can see the big five. As one of the most asked questions about Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia are some of them. All East African countries like Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda are home to the big five. Maasai Mara, Serengeti, Murchison Fall and Akagera national parks are among those you can easily sight the big five. So you can book a safari to any of those destinations and have your dreams come true.
What are the best birding spots/destinations in Africa?
Africa is so rich in biodiversity and thus home to more than 2,400 bird species. Besides being a home to largest population of mammals, birds too call Africa their home. More than 56% of these bird species are endemic to the continent. For example, Uganda is a home to 1,088 bird species and thus one of the top destinations for birders.
How many days should I spend in Africa on a safari?
Africa Safar can be Adventurous and thus enjoyable when you give it some good days. There are some places that you need to spend more than two days in one national park to enjoy what it has to offer. Serengeti, Maasai Mara and Murchison Falls are places where you should spend more than one day. Therefore depending on the number of national parks you want to visit, you can plan two days for each national park. Gorilla tracking in the volcanoes or Bwidi can take one day but you need time to rest.
What are the big five and why are they called the big five?
The big five are Buffalo, rhino, elephant leopard and Lion. They got the historical name big five because they were very hard to hunt on foot by early hunters. It was very hard to hunt and kill them because of the threats they paused to the hunters. Therefore the big five are the most dangerous animals to hunt.
Which country can I visit to see mountain Gorillas?
Mountain gorillas are found in the Virunga Mountains and in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. Virunga volcanic mountains are shared by Uganda (Mgahinga gorilla national park), Rwanda (volcanoes national park) and Democratic republic of Congo (Virunga mountains national park).
So you can visit any of the three countries. However you should note that Uganda is a home to more than 53% of these rare and gentle giants called mountain gorillas.
What are other primates apart from Gorillas can I see in Africa?
This is one of the most asked questions about Africa. There are other primates you can see in Africa such as Chimpanzees. Kibale national park in Uganda is known as the primates’ capital of the world due to the highest concentration of primates and other 12 species of primates. You can also find chimpanzees in Nyungwe national park in Rwanda among other forests. Other primates include baboons and different species of monkeys. Chimpanzees share 98.9% of their DNA with humans. Therefore they are our closest relatives. It is the most rewarding experience to spend one hour with chimpanzees.
What makes a safari special in Africa?
Mainly wildlife makes African safari a special on. A game drive where you can sight the big five and other big mammals like giraffes and hippos and then antelopes among others is indeed rewarding. Tracking mountain gorillas in their natural habitats or chimpanzees in the forest is also breath taking experience. You cannot get this experience anywhere else outside Africa.
Which animal is the king of the jungle?
Of Course the lion is the king of the jungle and you have seen this in for example in Kruger national park. Many countries in Africa are good destinations to sight lions. You can sight lions in any of East African countries like Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. A lion is a threat to both humans and wildlife because it eats only meat (other animals) to survive.
Which animal is the strongest?
African bush elephant is the strongest animal. This is the only mammal that has no predators. Lions can never attack a mature elephants despite being the king of the jungle.
What should I expect on Africa Safari?
Planning for an African safari? You can expect exciting moments like sighting big cats like lions, leopards and cheetahs, big mammals like hippos, giraffes, elephants and buffaloes, antelopes like cobs, elands and impalas. You can also expect big primates like mountain gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo or Chimpanzees among others.
Besides animals, you can expect diverse cultures with different tribes, good weather and their amazing and historical features.

We hope that most of your questions about Africa have been answered. If you have more, you can send us email to info@alpstrendysafaris.com for any inquiries.

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