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+256755905399 info@alpstrendysafaris.com

Our Environmental protection policy

Alps trendy safaris and its environmental policy



Alps Trendy Safaris believes that environmental protection policy is a way of living sustainably. Long term sustainability is interconnected with long term tourism. This is the best way to protect and enhance environment for future generation. We practice this through our ‘Every hole one tree’ initiative that aims platting as many trees as possible in every part of Uganda.

As a team we rally local communities behind us to run a Tourism business together by creating environment awareness since it largely depends on this.  As humans it’s our responsibility to be part of the solution of creating and achieving the ecological harmony and wellbeing.

We are conscious about Reduce, reuse and recycle system starting from the water bottles we use, good, to even wastes. In other words, nothing goes to waste. Therefore we are accountable for how we use resources like water, use of energy, materials and emissions to achieve sustainability.


Conservation is part of our deep commitment to better Africa. Therefore wildlife and environment are not only as part of who we are but also a reason for our being. Our conservation initiative work with all efforts that support conservation.

By integrating conservation, community and sustainability in our tourism we are in a long term vision of preserving Wildlife and environment for future generations.


Alps Trendy safaris team believes that tourism has the power to change African lives for better. Destination area communities benefit directly by providing food, entertainment and goods to tourist who visit their areas. We therefore find joy in creating significant and positive change on the community around the destinations we visit with clients.

As a company, we believe that direct benefits and positive change to the community is the best way to motivate them to protect the wildlife and environment around them.

Giving back to the communities  around conservation areas that support our tourist attractions so that we both get direct benefits from tourism. A motived community is a participating community which is an engine to strengthen our sustainability. Therefore, this is an effort in protecting the environment and wildlife and entire ecosystem for future generation.

You can be part of this initiative of environmental protection by Travelling with Alps Trendy Safaris.  Alternatively, you can also directly donate to our cause as we vision the Green Villages.  info@alpstrendysafaris.com

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