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Nyege Nyege festival in Uganda

Nyege nyege festival with Alps Trendy Safaris

Nyege nyege festival is Uganda is most popular festival, an extravaganza of art and music. It takes place in Jinja city in Eastern part of Uganda.

What is Nyege Nyege festival? It is an annual music, art and drama festival that takes place at the banks of river Nile in Jinja Eastern Uganda.
There was an attempt by government to ban this festival but due to the public demand, the efforts were futile. During the festive season, the tickets for this even are on a very high demand and thus requires to book in advance.

What is Nyege Nyege festival known for? It is famous for its diversity where by different performers across the global flock Jinja city attendance. People entertain their fans. Different people from all continents gather to attend this festival. Literally it is a mixture of fun such as music, food, fashion, camping and so many others.

Allegations of the ban by the government? Nyege nyege festival has been related to immoral activities like drug use, promoting homosexuality and bad sexual behaviors. These are not acceptable in public. However due to the great contribution of this festival to the tourism sector, the government has embraced it and let it go on every year. The accusations that it promotes immorality has made it popular and many people flock the country just to witness this allegation.

Who can attend Nyege Nyege? People from any part of the world can attend this festival and it is for adults and adulthood. In Uganda an adult is a person who is 18 years and above. Children are strictly not allowed to attend this festival.

Children are not allowed to attend this festival. However, if you have ever attended, you can believe that it could be due to the dress code of most revelers. Nudity has been observed from different attendants. Nyege nyege festival in Uganda has been held at different locations within Jinja city. Some of the places include: Itanda falls in River Nile, Jinja show grounds and the source of river Nile.

Are there other attractions in Jinja? Yes. At the end of the festival, visitors can do other activities around the city like white water rafting, cultural tour and community experience. You can also do quad biking, zip lining, water biking on Lake Victoria, bungee jumping on the Nile and boat cruise on Lake Victoria.
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